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TWave T8 – Smart Multichannel 24/7 Monitoring


TWave T8 – Smart Multichannel 24/7 Monitoring is the ultimate monitoring solution. It is suitable for any predictive maintenance technique and any type of industry.

T8 is a simple solution for supervising machinery. Its small size, low consumption, high processing power, storage capabilities, and embedded configuration and visualization interfaces, make the system very easy to install, operate and maintain, while keeping all the functionalities required by expert analysts or plant operators.

It provides information about the machine condition, its failure modes and its evolution over time, with an user friendly, intuitive and flexible interface.

TWave T8 automatically detects the machine states (running, stopped, start-up, high load, low load, etc.) and  establishes different alarms for each of them. It is also able to monitor calculated parameters.

Application note

Suitable for use on small and medium-sized machines (eg. Pumps, Fans, Blowers, Compressors, etc.), especially where vibration and process parameters should be monitored. Device is especially designed for Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS) and/or Vibration Monitoring Systems (VMS) that are independent or connect to SCADA/DCS Systems.

  • Simple solution for supervising machinery
  • Small size, low consumption, high processing power
  • Embedded configuration and visualization interfaces
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • 24/7 online remote monitoring
  • Fast data update rate
  • Embedded web interface
  • High frequency sampling (102.4 kHz) simultaneously on all dynamic inputs 8 dynamic inputs
  • Automatic supervision of machine failure modes
  • USB host and auxiliary port for expansion modules (relays, tachos, 4-20mA, VDC…)


Analog Inputs

Number of analog channels 8
Simultaneous recording 8 Channels
Sampling rate 512 to 102400 Hz
Compatible sensors Almost any kind of analog/digital voltage or current output sensor
DC range ±24 V
AC range 24 Vpp
IEPE sensors drive current 5.5 mA @20 V
Resolution 16 bit
Input configuration modes Dynamic Analog, Static Analog, Digital, Pulse Train
Harmonic distortion -70 dB
Accuracy 1%
Dynamic range 110 dB
Point types Static, Dynamic, Tachometer

Signal Processing

Spectral lines (bins) 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800
Time waveform samples 128 up to 8192
Window types Hann, Hamming, Blackman, Rectangular
Processing modes Waveform only, spectrum & waveform, demodulation, heterodyne
Filter types Butterworth, Bessel, Chevyshev
Number of averages 1 up to 32
Overlap 0% up to 99%

System General Features

Internal Storage (OS) 4 GB
Main CPU ARM Cortex™-A9 Quad Core NVIDIA® Tegra™ 3
CPU clock 1.4 GHz
Storage Capacity (Database) 4 GB
USB ports 1 Host
Status indicator RGB LED
Analog channels indicator 8x Red/Green LEDs
Network communication IEEE1588 Ethernet Gigabit
Power Supply 20-26 Vdc, 24 Vdc nominal
Power consumption <7 W

Mechanical Characteristics

Mounting Standard 35 mm DIN rail
Size 119x95x28 mm
Optional sealed housing IP 65
Temperature range -30 to +65 ºC
Humidity 95% RH
EMI/EMC EN55022:2011/AC:2012, EN61000-4-2:2010, EN61000-4-3:2007/A2:2011, EN61000-4-4:2005/A1:2010/CORR:2010, EN61000-4-5:2007/CORR:2010, EN61000-4-6:2009
Electrical security UNE-EN 60950:2007