Project OIS-02: “Subotička Toplana”,  Vojvodina, Serbia | North Protection

Project OIS-02: “Subotička Toplana”,


Vojvodina, Serbia

Basic Project Data

Project Name: Vibration Protection and Monitoring System for Pumps and Fans
Investor: “Subotička Toplana” Subotica, Vojvodina, Serbia
Object Name: “Subotička Toplana”, rotation machines in the heating plant (pumps and fans)
Object Location: Subotica, Vojvodina, Serbia
Brief Project Description:  In this project the protection system for vibration and temperature has been implemented. The system based on HS-420 and HS-420T,manufactured by Hansford Sensors, UK has been applied in this case. The protection system has been connected with the existing SCADA Control System of the heating plant.
Below is a schematic map of a typical device with the disposition of sensors.