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Project HPP-11: EP BiH, “Jablanica” HPP A6 Unit,


Bosnia and Herzegovina


Basic Project Data

Project Name:Implementation of Machinery Protection System (MPS) – “Turnkey Project”
Investor: PE “Electric Power Industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Object Name: “Jablanica” HPP, A6 Unit
Installed Power/Turbine Type: Six Units, Total 180 MW/Francis
Object Location: Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brief Project Description: “Jablanica” HPP, A6 unit.

This project is realized as part of the rehabilitation of the power plant control system. By now, delivery, installation and commissioning of two Machinery Protection Systems (MPS) by MC-monitoring, CH, type Rhino PMS-300® completed. Both installed systems function as vibration protection systems integrated into the plant control system as well. Protection levels are set according to ISO 7919-5:2005 standard.

Machinery Monitoring System, for each of the pumps, has 9 channels, which include monitoring the following dynamic parameters:

  • Shaft relative vibration, number of sensors: 6 according to ISO 7919-5: 2005
  • Structure absolute vibration, number of sensors: 2
  • Key phasor/RPM, number of sensor: 1

The project is realized jointly by MC-monitoring SA, Switzerland,  DIT Ltd, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, NORTH Protection Ltd and NORTH Control Ltd, both Members of the NORTH Group, Vojvodina, Serbia:

  • MC-monitoring SA –  production and delivery of components,
  • DIT Ltd, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina – project preparation, MPS and SCADA/DCS connections implemented,
  • NORTH Protection Ltd, Member of NORTH Group – assemblies, installation, commissioning and MPS and SCADA/DCS connection implemented,
  • NORTH Control Ltd, Member of NORTH Group – quality and quantity control, testing, functional control and settings

Below is a schematic map of units and topology of sensors of the vibration protection system.




1. Measurement Line of Relative Shaft Vibration, ISO 7919-5
2. Measurement Line of Absoulute Vibration of Structure
3. Measurement Line of Rotational Speed and Key Phasor