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New on SE European Market – TWave S.L., Spain


We are glad to introduce to Serbian, as well as South East European market, products of TWave S.L., one of the leaders in the field of Predictive Maintenance (PdM), protection and condition monitoring of critical machines and plants and also a recognized manufacturer of Machinery Protection Systems (MPS) and Machinery Monitoring Systems (MMS), independent and/or supported by SCADA/DCS.

This is a result of the agreement between TWave S.L. and NORTH Group, according to which NORTH Instruments LLC, Member of NORTH Group, will sell TWave products in Americas, whereas NORTH Protection Ltd, Member of NORTH Group, will distribute TWave products in South East Europe, as well as give technical support to on-line MPS and MMS, including installation, assembly and commissioning in this area.

On the other hand, TWave S.L. has become our partner, representing our business interests and providing NORTH Group with sales, marketing and technical support not only in Spain, but also in Portugal and certain countries in Latin America. Considering products of TWave S.L. and NORTH Protection Ltd, Member of NORTH Group are compatible and that together we can be more successful on a global market, our plan is to bring our cooperation to a higher level by launching new projects very soon, including joint products development and joint entry on the third markets.

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